Why Does Your Pet Needs A Travel Health Certificate?

Why Does Your Pet Needs A Travel Health Certificate?

Many pet parents love to travel, however, pets need a few things before they can go anywhere. In this video Alex shares, a few reasons why getting a travel health certificate will make traveling with your pet a reality.

What is a travel health certificate?
It’s a document provided by your vet that certifies your pet as healthy to travel to a different country or state.

Depending on your airline or destination, a travel health certificate
maybe mandatory to ensure that your pet is up to date on their health requirements.

Keep in mind that if your pet is not up to date, they may not be allowed to travel with you. Please call your airline and research your destination to verify if your pet needs a travel health certificate.

So how soon should your pet get a travel health certificate?
You should consult with your veterinarian when you make plans to
travel with your pet.

Have that talk with your veterinarian as soon as possible, because
certain travel health certificates, especially international ones, take a lot longer to complete.
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