Travel to England Uk|History About England in Urdu/Hindi|Travel Vlog| انگلینڈ کی سیر

Travel to England Uk|History About England in Urdu/Hindi|Travel Vlog| انگلینڈ کی سیر

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Travel to England UK Full Documentary and History About England in Urdu/Hindi|Travel Vlog|Travel &Teach

In this video, we will discuss the richest and most powerful country in the world of England, also known as the United Kingdom.It is a country in northwestern Europe that has governed 58 countries of the world for the past two decades.And even today, they continue to exist with the unity of the four countries.Friends England is one of the most powerful and developing countries in the world.Before proceeding you must first subscribe to the Travel and Teach YouTube channel and press the bell icon so that you can get the latest video update thanks.
Friends England is part of the United Kingdom and the UK is also known in the UK as the UK United Kingdom or UK.The total area of ​​the United Kingdom of the Friends is 242,495 km2 square kilometers. And in terms of area, they are ranked 78th in the world.In the combined area of ​​the four countries of the UK, 54% of the area comes to England, 32% to Scotland and 9% to Wales and only 3% to Northern Ireland.It is only reported to be the territory of four UK countries. Whereas the territory of the British Overseas Island and the Occupied States of Antarctica are not included.But I ask you to increase your information.Over 14 countries across the UK should be seen. So it makes 17 million 27 thousand 517 square kilometers. And that’s in addition to the territory of these four countries in the UK.And this country is number 22 in the world by population.As we have already said. That Britain has ruled over 58 countries in the world over the last two centuries. And it still maintains its existence today by a coalition of four countries.These countries include England, Scotland, Northern Ireland. But in this video we are going to tell you about the England in the United Kingdom.England contains more than a hundred islands. The borders of England are also found in Scotland, Wales and some parts of Ireland.In addition to the rest of the UK region, the area of ​​England Region alone is 130,279 square kilometers.And it is estimated that the total population of England is 580 million 19 thousand 400 people.Their largest city is London and the capital of England.London is one of the most beautiful and developed cities in the world.The referendum took place in England in June 2016, with 51% voting to end the EU membership and 48% voting to stay with the EU.The currency of England is Sterling Pound and the price of a pound is estimated at Pakistani 200. rupees.England is the ancient English language derived from English which means English land.The English were ancient Germanic tribes. Who settled here in the early Middle Ages.The full and official name of England is England. The calling code for England is +44.England is currently four hours behind Pakistan. The distance between England and Pakistan is 6,92 km.Domain domain name .uk in english.
Take a look at the fascinating facts of England, and you may have heard about it. That five-year-olds are allowed to drink alcohol in England. That is, they can hide or drink at a private location.England’s total GDP …. billion is USD $.Every year in England, one day is celebrated as a day of lying.
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