Tokyo, Japan | Travel | VLOG 3 | IAMVINCENTSY (4K)

Tokyo, Japan | Travel | VLOG 3 | IAMVINCENTSY (4K)

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Hi Everyone, It’s iamvincentsy and you’re watching this video on my channel.
Traveling is one of my hobby and vlogging is an add-on to it. This video was shot a year ago and didn’t have time to edit and make it into a vlog, because i had been busy until i found time to actually do it. Stayed and visited Tokyo for 10 days and it was really unforgetable and i had fun. On my first 5 days i traveled with friends and during my next 5 days, i was just by myself. We never planned the itinerary and we just tagged ourselves along with my other two friends. In this video, we went to places where Filipino people are actually rooting to be at. On our first night, we got lost and forget about how the maps works. I said in the video that we traveled for 6 hours, because we actually don’t know where to start. So if your team is planning to make an itinerary, make sure to study the upside downs of Tokyo.

– Oak Hostel Sakura, has the cheapest accomodation rates in Tokyo, we booked a Quadruple capsule room specialized for backpackers. It is actually nearest to some of the tourist destinations that my friends planned on going to.

– Aiwafuku Kimono Rental, Okay! if you have plans on wearing a kimono you might try not to consider renting in this place. Why? It’s actually expensive for Filipino people like us but we ended up wearing one because we really wanna experience it. SO better rent here in the Philippines and bring it in Japan. HAHA! The rental fee for a couple kimono is around 4-5k Php while the Solo Kimono is 3-4K Php. For my LGBT friends, you really have to go renting a Solo Kimono as they don’t do that there.

– Asakusa Temple, Okay! I actually had no any idea that visiting this temple is part of our tour. And wearing Kimono is actually part of this, lol. Okay, so we went there not just to take pictures but only to understand how their culture runs and works. Runs and works? LOL!
So we prayed and tied our bad fortune to the scale. A couple requested to have picture with us because of how we looked. (yeah becuz of the kimono)

– Don Quijote, this place was actually big with tens of floors. A Super Mega Supermarket/Department and General Merchandises. I must say that you can find everything in Don Quijote except for love. HAHAHA!

– Cat cafe Mocha, we went there to sip Unlimited coffee or drinks to relax while watching hundreds of cats. lol! not really. There are many cats in this cafe that you can play with. Meow!

– Sofmap, another genmerch/ electronics shop. They actually sell 2nd hand electronics. The likes are Keyboard, Guitars, PSP, PS, Computers etc. You can get em at a cheapest.

– Shibuya Scramble Crossing, this is the famous crossing path in the land of Tokyo, i must say. You can also see Hachiko there.

– Shinjuku, Explore this place with an amazing lounges, bars, foods and drinks. You can actually have fun and hook-up there with somebody. HAHA!

We are done with our first day! Diba? Ang productive namin.
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