PAPUA NEW GUINEA | The Last Frontier | Cinematic Travel Film

PAPUA NEW GUINEA | The Last Frontier | Cinematic Travel Film

Traveling to Papua New Guinea was something I never thought I’d do. It was a country I barely knew anything about and I’d heard quite a few negative rumors about the country and the people (which the beginning part of this video symbolizes). Once we were traveling in Papua New Guinea however, we were flooded with vibrant and unique cultures and customs and literally everyone was willing to help us out. And I mean EVERYONE. I have NEVER felt so welcome in any country I’ve ever visited. EVER. The people we met in Papua New Guinea were unbelievably interested in us, our culture, and our story, and were so open about sharing their stories and culture with us. It was the epitome of what traveling is all about. I hope I was able to capture the amazing spirit, gentleness, and kindness of the people of Papua New Guinea as well as their eclectic and diverse cultures.

Papua New Guinea has over 800 indigenous languages and is one of the LEAST explored countries in the world due to its dense rainforest. There are tons of undiscovered species of animals and plants as well as tribes who have yet to make contact with the ‘outside world’. It truly is the ‘last frontier’. Tourism is also extremely undeveloped which made traveling around the country quite an adventure. I will be creating a ‘how to/vlog’ of our planning and experience of this trip in the upcoming weeks.
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