Drying Techniques – Cage/Crate/Kennel Drying – Stretch/Fluff Drying – Hi-Velocity Drying

Drying Techniques – Cage/Crate/Kennel Drying – Stretch/Fluff Drying – Hi-Velocity Drying

Drying Techniques | In this video I demonstrate three techniques to dry a poodle. These techniques can be used on most dogs.

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Cage drying should only be used if necessary. Never cage dry a curly coated coat or a dog with a single straight coat such as a Shih-Tzu or Maltese as the coat will dry curly or wavy.

Cage drying can be used on double coated,single coated or smooth coated breeds if necessary.

Use caution and always be in the same room to keep an eye on the dog in the cage/crate/kennel as they can overheat or get very stressed. Death has occurred in some cases.

Cage drying is basically placing the dog in a cage with a towel on the floor to absorb the water and then a dryer is aimed at the cage to dry the dog inside.

Stretch/Fluff drying is when a stand dryer or a hands free dryer is aimed at the area of the dog that needs drying while being brushed. This separates the coat, straightens the coat and dries the coat which achieves a nice finish. This is time consuming and takes muscle strength.

Hi-Velocity drying in the quickest method to dry a dog. It straightens the coat while drying.

While using the cone condenser it can loosen mats and possible blow them out. When using on an undercoated dog, it can take out or loosen the undercoat making it much easier for the groomer to finish the dog in an appropriate time frame. The flair nozzle takes the water off in sheets. These two nozzles are more forceful and should not be used on stressed or senior dogs. Take off the nozzle for these type of dogs and also for smaller dogs, the other nozzles are too strong for them.

A variable dryer is best so that you can adjust the strength of the flow to accommodate the dogs tolerance of the dryer.

If the dog is stressed while drying the head, stop immediately and use another method of drying as stress can lead to a seizure especially in senior dogs.
I recommend using the fluff/stretch method on the heads and on difficult, stressed or senior dogs.
Always do what’s best for the dog!
The dog comes first!


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